What is Lip Rejuvenation?
Lip rejuvenation is the process of enhancing the lips with the use of fillers, fat transfer, silicone implants, or other methods. Lip rejuvenation is chosen to enhance the size, shape, or symmetry of the lips and can be temporary or permanent depending on the technique used.

Who can Benefit from Lip Rejuvenation?
Patients can benefit from lip rejuvenation to address the following concerns:
• Naturally thin/small lips
• Thinning lips with age
• Asymmetrical lips
• Wrinkles around the lips
With lip augmentation or rejuvenation, you can achieve fuller, rounder lips to enhance and balance your appearance. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your lips and want a temporary solution, fillers offer a great solution and can be used to gradually add subtle volume to the lips. For a more permanent solution, fat transfer, donor tissue, or implants can also be used on those that are a candidate.

Dermal filler like Juvederm is a popular method for enhancing the lips. The hyaluronic acid formula can be placed in the lips to add instant volume. The filler can also be placed into lines and wrinkles around the mouth for optimal rejuvenation.

Recovery After a Lip Rejuvenation
Your recovery after lip augmentation or rejuvenation will depend on the technique used. For a fat transfer, your recovery will involve healing at the placement site and the donor site. Implants will involve a few days of swelling and bruising. For fillers, there is no required downtime, but some redness may be present for the first several hours. Your recovery information and instructions will be provided to you at the time of your consultation.

Lip Augmentation Results
You can notice immediate results from their lip rejuvenation treatment, however, some swelling and bruising may distort your results. The longevity of your results will also depend on the type of lip rejuvenation you received. For fillers, results can last for several months but are not permanent. Fat transfer results will last much longer, and the use of implants are typically permanent unless taken out.

Before & After GAllery

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