Royal Suite

$300 2HOURS

Highlights:Champagne, herbal tea, essential oil bath, 2 hours using the room after treatments.

Note: A cleaning fee of $20 will be charged after the room is used. If it exceeds the specified 2 hours, an additional 10% room fee will be charged every 15 minutes according to the length of time.


Recommendations for special needs 

Pregnancy(12-30 Weeks)

Facial: Marine Therapy Facial; Acqua Facial; Acqua Facial


Massage: Maternity Massage*;Deep Tissue Massage*(Adjust to light pressure); Engergy Flow Massage*


Sensitive Skin

Facial:Aromatherapy Massage23K Golden Spoon FacialAqua Facial


Couple Massage/Facial

Can choose any massage or facial treatments you like, we will prepare our deluxe couple room for you




Lady' Section

Aromatherapy Steam Room, Himalaya Sauna Room, Shower Room and Fancy Relaxation Room

Gentlemen' Section

Sauna Unit, Shower Room, Relaxation Room

Before & After GAllery

Please browse our before and after galley to see the dramatic results.

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